Trader Joe’s Simpler Wines-Best One To Buy

Trader Joe's Simpler Wines

I recently discovered Trader Joe’s Simpler Wines Too Uncanny product even though the product was released more than a year ago.

I started with the peach, chardonnay and rose’ 4-packs.  Each package is $4.99 even though according to the Trader Joe’s website they started at $3.99.

Trader Joe's Haul

The Trader Joe’s employee told me the wines are sweet and I’m not a huge fan of sweet wines.   My preference is dry but something middle of the road is doable.


That employee was right!   The bubbly peach is the sweetest and it smells like gummy peach o-rings.

Would I purchase it again?  Yes, at some point but only because I plan to make my own gummies with this flavor.

Trader Joe's Simpler Wines


The rose’ tastes like rose’.   I’m not a fan of rose’ so I’m not sure if that’s really saying much.   If you like rose’ (which based on what I see online, many people do) you’ll probably enjoy this one.

Trader Joe's Simpler Wines

And the chardonnay is on the sweeter side but not overly so.  I usually pair chardonnay with seafood and that’s exactly what I did.  I paired it with shrimp and fish.

The suggestion is that these wines would be great for outdoor plans like summer picnics.   We’re also in the season of graduation parties so that would be a good option as well.   Parks don’t allow you to bring bottles or glass items so the can is perfect.  This is also a great alternative for those guests who prefer wine over beer.

I still wasn’t sold on the cans until but when Trader Joe’s released these larger cans and it included red varietals they sucked me in again.  The larger cans have enough wine for about 2 glasses and are $2.99 per can.

Trader Joe's Simpler Wines

Cabernet Sauvignon and red wine blend are the two new flavors featured in the Trader Joe’s fearless flyer.

I tried the cabernet first.   Again, I’m not a cabernet sauvignon fan because it’s usually best paired with red meat and I don’t eat red meat.  However, I tried it anyway with a cauliflower rice dish.  Yes, I know this is a far cry from red meat.

How would I describe it?   It tastes young.   Very young!   This wine is from Australia as is the red wine blend.  The acidity was low and the tannins were more in the middle.

I tried the red wine blend with a calzone.   Would I recommend it?  Absolutely!

Trader Joe's Simpler Wines

The can does not say what it’s blended with and I’m not enough of a wine-o (hahahha!) to figure it out.  Pairing it with something that has a red sauce was a good idea.  I tasted spicy notes with berries on the nose.  It was low in acidity and tannins.

To sum it all up!

Chardonnay?  Not bad

Cabernet Sauvignon?  Not for me

Rose’?  Not for me

Peach?  To make gummies, yes

Red wine blend?  THE BEST ONE!

Have you tried the Trader Joe’s Simpler Wines Too Uncanny wines?  What did you think?

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