Top 3 International Travel Essentials

International Travel Essentials

These travel essentials seem like a no-brainer to me now but when I think back to my first trip out of the country years ago these things were not on the list.  At that time I read books about international travel and they gave me one of these tips but not the other two. Now there’s a plethora of information online about travel but how many times have you left home without what you need?  *Raises both hands*

1.  Electric converter

This is the one thing I saw on every list before my first trip overseas without family.  I still forgot it.  I had to buy a converter when I got there and it was so much more expensive than if I had just planned my trip accordingly.  You’ve read this before and now you’re reading it again.  This time make it stick and spend your money on something else.

I bought this converter from Brookstone.  It’s a 7-piece converter kit for appliances 50-1800 watts.  It works in multiple countries and I’ve had it for years.  Love it!

2.  Closed toe shoes

I live in Florida.  I love flip-flops.  I always have a pedicure.  I live in open-toe shoes.  When you travel abroad you never really know what you’ll encounter.  The terrain is different.  Your activities are gonna be different.  Yes, bring your sandals and sneakers (kicks, tennis shoes…whatever you call them) but also be sure to bring a pair of closed-toe flats.  What if it rains?  Do you want to wear your sandals and get your feet wet?  Do you want to wear your sneakers with that cute outfit you bought just for this trip?  Probably not.  Pack the closed-toe shoes!

Here’s two pair from Michael Kors that I absolutely love.  I have the Fulton Leather Moccasin leather option in multiple colors and the Daisy Moccasin as a suede moccasin in two colors.  Note:  this link is for the leather option but in the fall and winter they also have this same shoe in suede and in the summer in denim.

3.  Noise-cancelling headphones

I use these daily because of my job but when I tell you these changed my life for my South Korea/China trip.  They changed my life!  There’s noting like not having to listen to people snore, talk, their entertainment, and just the sound of the plane itself with the wind, etc.

I have Quiet Comfort 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones from Bose but there are so many other options out there.  I love these but they are pricey IMO. Like I said I use them daily so it’s more of an investment for me.  These are wired but there are wireless options as well.

Happy travels!

Let me know where you plan to travel.

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