Tidewater Winery Chardonnay and Red Rush

Tidewater Winery Chardonnay and Red Rush

I had the pleasure of visiting Oklahoma recently.   My destination: Claremore, OK which is about 30 minutes from Tulsa, OK.  I’ve been to Oklahoma City on business but this was my first visit to the Tulsa area.

My plans were set!  I would arrive in Tulsa no later than noon and then I was off to two wineries.

I know what you’re thinking, “Huh?   Wineries in Oklahoma?”  I was thinking the same thing but it’s a fact.

Plans did not go my way so I did not have the pleasure of visiting Whispering Vines and Pecan Creek wineries.

I could really give American Airlines a “talking to” for this trip but I’m trying not to lose my temper.


I found out about these wineries when I did a little research on the Tulsa International Airport website.  Tulsa’s airport has a place called “Eau de Vie Wine Bar & Tropeca Coffee Roasters”.    It says Eau de Vie “features local wines from Whispering Vines, Pecan Creek and Wine and Branch wineries”.   (I have yet to find info on Wine and Branch.)

Tidewater Winery Chardonnay and Red Rush

Because this place is in the airport, I knew all wasn’t lost.   I’d be able to sip local Oklahoma favorites on my way out the following day.   That’s exactly what I did.

Eau de Vie is in the secure area of the Tulsa International Airport.

Tidewater Winery Chardonnay and Red Rush

When I looked at the menu I asked the server about a dry wine.   She said all wines offered were on the sweet side.   I thought that to be a bit odd because there was a variety of wines on the list including a Chardonnay which tends to be either oaky or buttery….but I wouldn’t describe it as a “sweet” wine, generally speaking.

Tidewater Winery Chardonnay and Red Rush

I was puzzled but I ordered the Tidewater Chardonnay anyway.  She was right!   It was definitely on the sweeter side but surprisingly it didn’t disappoint.   Tidewater describes it’s Chardonnay as:  A white wine with a citrus fruit character, pairs nicely with fish, fowl, and fruits.  I can’t say that I agree with pairing it with fish.   When I think of pairing a Chardonnay with seafood I feel like it should not be sweet but more buttery.

However, I learned from Master Sommelier, Emily Wines that you yourself are the best person to choose how to pair your food and wine.

Tidewater Winery Chardonnay and Red Rush

I enjoyed the Tidewater Chardonnay so I decided to try another.   This time I went with a red wine.  Again, the server said it was sweet.  I had the Tidewater Red Rush.   Their website describes Red Rush as:  A sweet red blend. Tastes great with dark chocolate.  It’s not sweet, as in a fruit wine.   If you usually drink dry wines but would prefer to end the evening with something sweeter but not syrupy, Red Rush is a good bet.  Red Rush does not linger on the palate.  It’s fairly light.

Tidewater Winery Chardonnay and Red Rush

Side note:  Why is everything so expensive at airports?  In addition to their regular tax there was also an alcohol tax.  Basically, I could’ve bought a whole bottle for the price of these two cute glasses of wine.

If you decide to visit the Tidewater Winery it’s in Drumright, OK.   Drumright is about an hour away from Tulsa, OK but if you’re coming from Oklahoma City add an extra 30 minutes to your drive.

Also, check out my interview with Cooper’s Hawk Master Sommelier, Emily Wines.  I’m working on describing the taste of wine but I tend to have to refer to this interview each time.  I’m definitely a work in progress in this regard.

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