Panera Bread Spinach & Bacon Baked Egg Souffle’, Recipe Review

Panera Bread Spinach & Bacon Baked Egg Souffle'

UPDATE:  November 17, 2020

The recipe is NOT listed to avoid copyright infringement.  This is only a review of the recipe.

The Panera Bread Spinach & Bacon Baked Egg Soufflé is a breakfast favorite.  Todd Wilbur’s book of restaurant hacks includes this recipe in the book Top Secret Recipes Step by Step.

Overall, this is a good one but it’s absolutely not a taste-for-taste match.  The filling tastes pretty close to Panera’s but the bread does not.  When it’s baking it smells divine.  It smells so good the family will wake up out of their sleep to run downstairs for breakfast.

The book says they “discovered a better dough that duplicates the flakiness and slight sweetness of the original”.  Apparently, they used Pillsbury Crescent Butter Flake Dough in the hack of the Spinach & Artichoke Baked Egg Souffle.  I can’t attest to that one but this one needs some work.  It does not compare to Panera.  Panera bakes their own bread so I don’t understand how something store bought would even be presented as an option.

My issues:

  1. The dough!  I’ve mentioned this already but it’s just that important to mention again.  The taste just doesn’t match what’s offered at Panera.
  2. The dough comes out in a rectangle but the instructions say to roll it into a square.  Confusing!  I’m really not skilled with this so I folded the dough to make it work.  After folding it I rolled it out.
  3. I did another recipe that tells you to pinch the perforations in the crescent dough.  The perforations are there for a reason and it never wants to cooperate with me.  Just be prepared for the two crescents to come apart.  I say two crescents because you need the two for the dough to make one soufflé.

Panera Bread Spinach & Bacon Baked Egg Souffle'

Celebrate the little wins in life:

I had no issues with the egg mixture.   It’s a very simple “throw it all in” filling.

Changes I made:

  1. I didn’t have Tabasco so I used hot sauce.
  2. The recipe says to use 5-inch ramekins but I don’t own that size so I used 4 inch instead

If you want a good breakfast option or just a different option for the most important meal of the day, then try it.   If you want this recipe to take the place of spending $4 at Panera, don’t waste your time.   It’s good just not that good.

This is my second hack in the series.  The first recipe was Mimi’s Cafe Buttermilk Spice Muffins.  The muffins were a much closer hack.

What’s your favorite restaurant and dish?   Let me know and maybe I can find a hack.


  1. Joan

    Try puff pastry not the crescent rolls


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