Panera, your app disappoints me

Opinion: Panera AppI don’t like to cook but I do it because it’s healthier than eating out.

When I’m really not feeling like standing over a stove one place I enjoy eating is Panera. I found it interesting that even during the recession the company did not change their prices or their standards. I noticed this and then came across an article where company leadership mentioned the same thing I noticed. They said they didn’t change anything because their pricing and product didn’t need the change.

This in a time period when the large pizza you used to get from that chain pizza joint suddenly was $10 as a regular price and not a sale price. It made you wonder how much they were losing in profit or whether that pizza was worth the $15-20 bucks they were charging from the beginning.



I like to order on my app because it saves time but it makes me wonder if they can get the order right. Each time they get my order wrong I check myself. They get the order wrong about 90 percent of the time. And by wrong I mean the changes I make to my salad or my breakfast sandwich.

I usually get the Fuji Apple Chicken Salad with extra apple chips, no tomatoes and with a whole grain roll as the side. However, I always have tomatoes on my salad and they keep giving me potato chips as my side.

My breakfast sandwich….I get bacon and egg on a french toast bagel. Yes, I know that’s far too many calories but that’s not what we’re talking about today. I also ask that the bagel be cut in half. However, the bagel is never cut in half and they always put cheese on my sandwich.

Neither of these are deal breakers (obviously because I keep going there) but it makes me wonder if they even read the screen. Why is it if I order from a human being my order is right but when I order from the app (which they encourage) my order is wrong?

Anyone else experienced this?

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