Natural Deodorant: I tried Kopari and this is what happened

Natural Deodorant: I tried Kopari and this happened

A few years ago a friend said she ditched lotions we had loved for years.   She also got rid of her usual antiperspirant because of the chemicals.   I thought it was interesting but not interesting enough for me to investigate further and definitely not interesting enough for me to follow suit.  I didn’t want to give up the sweet smell of my favorite lotion.

Natural Deodorant: I tried using Kopari and this is what happened

Fast forward to earlier this year when all I heard about was Kopari coconut deodorant.   The stuff was so good that it kept selling out.   I thought about it more and more and finally decided to give it a try when I read about it on another blog and got a coupon code to make it a bit cheaper.

I’ll be honest, the part where they give you fair warning that you will be funky almost stopped me in my tracks.  Kopari clearly prepares you for an underarm detox, even explaining the four stages.   The company says this detox phase lasts 2-4 weeks and the effects get “less and less as time goes on”.   I’m not used to funk and funk is just not cute so I almost gave up before I started.

But I powered through even though I wanted to switch back to my original antiperspirant!

Natural Deodorant: I tried Kopari and this happened

I started using the Kopari Coconut Deo more than a month ago and even though I want to be I’m still not sold on Kopari.

Not sold on Kopari and here’s why:

  1.  I’m wet after I put it on:  My underarms are just moist.   It’s a feeling that I just can’t get used to.   I contacted Kopari about this via their website chat after using it for a few weeks.  The person I spoke to offered no help at all.   She said their product is “fast-drying” and I was welcome to send it back.   It was like she wasn’t even trying to keep me as a customer.  This has improved over time but I still have days when I fear putting on clothes because my underarms are still wet.   Not only are they wet but I also have a sticky feeling.   I’ve read other blogs that say they don’t get sticky but they do have the wetness.  Again, it has improved but you don’t get used to it.
  2. The funk really is real:  I’m OK with funk after working out.   I’m even mildly OK with funk first thing in the morning because it’s been 24 hours since I put deodorant on but when you get funky by 2pm….that’s just a different beast altogether.  I took their advice at the very beginning and bought a big pack of baby wipes to freshen up throughout the day.   I was wandering the aisle at Target like a true rookie.  I had no idea which one I should get.  I ended up getting their brand for sensitive skin.

Kopari does a good job at giving you ideas about how to minimize your issues.

What helps me:

  1.  Exfoliate:   I exfoliate once a day using a Softsoap exfoliating body wash coconut butter.  In addition to that I exfoliate using one of my favorite face masks by Philosophy.   I know it may sound weird but it helps!
  2. Sweat it out:  When I worked out my funk was much better.  So put on your workout clothes, grab your mat and hit the gym.

Natural Deodorant: I tried using Kopari and this is what happened

Last but not least, your health

The things I read about regarding ingredients in antiperspirants especially aluminum made me think.  However, after doing a little research on my own I’ve found that the claims I read about that gave me pause haven’t been proven.  The prime claim for me, one that hit close to home, is that the aluminum in antiperspirants caused Alzheimer’s.   My first glimpse into that disease was more than 20 years ago at my paternal grandmother’s funeral.   Her sister, my great aunt, asked my name each time I walked out of the room and returned.  Of course, my thought then is that biologically I’m more susceptible to Alzheimer’s.

So I checked the Alzheimer’s Association‘s website and this is what I found:

Myth 4: Drinking out of aluminum cans or cooking in aluminum pots and pans can lead to Alzheimer’s disease.

Reality: During the 1960s and 1970s, aluminum emerged as a possible suspect in Alzheimer’s. This suspicion led to concern about exposure to aluminum through everyday sources such as pots and pans, beverage cans, antacids and antiperspirants. Since then, studies have failed to confirm any role for aluminum in causing Alzheimer’s. Experts today focus on other areas of research, and few believe that everyday sources of aluminum pose any threat.

I also checked to understand the truth about aluminum and breast cancer:

Should I be concerned about aluminum in antiperspirants?

Aluminum-based compounds are the active ingredients in antiperspirants. They block the sweat glands to keep sweat from getting to the skin’s surface. Some research has suggested that these aluminum compounds may be absorbed by the skin and cause changes in estrogen receptors of breast cells. Because estrogen can promote the growth of both cancer and non-cancer breast cells, some scientists have suggested that using the aluminum-based compounds in antiperspirants may be a risk factor for the development of breast cancer.

But it isn’t clear that much aluminum is absorbed through the skin. One study that looked at the absorption of aluminum from antiperspirants containing aluminum chlorohydrate applied to the underarms found that only a tiny fraction (0.012%) was absorbed. The actual amount of aluminum absorbed would be much less than what would be expected to be absorbed from the foods a person eats during the same time.

It also doesn’t seem that breast cancer tissue contains more aluminum than normal breast tissue. A study that looked at women with breast cancer found no real difference in the concentration of aluminum between the cancer and the surrounding normal tissue.

At this point, no clear link has been made between antiperspirants containing aluminum and breast cancer.

My final take:

I’m not giving up on Kopari.   I feel like I’ll keep going until the end of the year.  I want to love it.   I really like the smell of coconut so I feel like it’s a good fit for me.  But we’ll see!

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