Make Your Own After-Dinner Liqueur

Make Your Own After-Dinner Liqueur

I could sit here and name all the liqueurs I’ve tried but I’d sound like a lush.   I love a good liqueur.   Of course you have Bailey’s Irish Cream but there’s also Godiva and Kahlua.   And let’s not discuss going to the Bahamas and getting rum-based beverages or Mexico and packing up tequila-based after-dinner drinks.   Yes, I find a new option wherever I go.

Welp! I look like a lush but it’s fine because it’s always at the appropriate time and always in moderation.

Think about it, liqueurs are basically a dessert/adult beverage wrapped all in one.   I also enjoy the different flavors especially coconut and pineapple.   I’m sitting here thinking about the liqueur I got in the Bahamas several years ago for $2.   The salesperson said the factory was going out of business and it had to go.   I was happy to oblige.


It’s also still cold in some areas so a comforting liqueur will make those nights indoors a little cozier.  If you are a bit odd like me and love ice cream winter, spring, summer and fall then you’ll understand the desire to drink this cold beverage even though it may be cold outside.   The comfort of the bourbon and nutmeg just makes life better.

I came up with this recipe based on a recipe I stumbled across on the Kraft website.  I have more cream cheese in my fridge than I care to admit.   I was buying cream cheese for a dessert and kept forgetting that I had already bought the cream cheese.  I ended up with more than I needed to say the least.

When I saw the Kraft recipe for Bourbon Cheesecake Shots I knew there was something to making my own liqueur.

Recipe differences:

  1.  Half-and-half:   I don’t buy half-and-half so I chose to use non-fat milk instead.   Also, I think it cuts down on the calories.  (see suggestion number 2)Make Your Own After-Dinner Liqueur
  2. Nutmeg:   Liqueurs are comforting and the nutmeg spice takes it to another level.
  3. Graham crackers instead of vanilla wafers:   I just think graham crackers and cream cheese go together.
  4. Cream cheese block instead of cream cheese tub:   I just don’t care for the latter unless it’s on my bagel.Make Your Own After-Dinner Liqueur

Recipe suggestions:

  1.  Please serve ICE COLD.  You will not want this any other way.   My suggestion is after you eat dinner, mix this up, hop in the shower and when you get out, drink up!   Your shower time will give it time to chill because the bourbon will warm this drink up quickly.
  2. The recipe says milk or milk substitute.   I don’t suggest using an almond or cashew milk unless you want your drink to taste that way.
  3. You know you’ve bought those travel-size drinks so why not just dump one of those in this recipe and put it to good use.Make Your Own After-Dinner Liqueur

Trust me!  It’s a tasty drink.

I know I refer to it as an after-dinner drink because that’s how I choose to enjoy a good liqueur.  However, many people enjoy the concoctions in their coffee, on top of ice cream, to flavor fruits, etc.  Another good way to have this is to let it freeze (as much as it’s able to) and then lop it up with a spoon.


What’s your favorite liqueur?

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