I Don’t Like To Cook But…..


Let’s be real (by the way, I don’t know any other way to be) I’m not a cook.  I can’t say that I even like it.  In the past, I’ve described cooking as something I hate.  However, I enjoy the feeling I get from accomplishing something.  I enjoy the feeling I get when I look at the finished product and I see something I put in the work to do.  I really didn’t discover this feeling until recently.  When I thought of starting a blog I got input from everyone about what I should write about.  Writing wasn’t the issue but my focus was.  I’m a woman who’s all over the place.  I’m pretty definitive about what I don’t want but the rest is still a bit of a mystery to me.  I have a lot of interests from fashion to travel to food/wine.


I love shopping (it’s my favorite sport) but I’m not always a fan of wearing the clothes (yes, I know I’m odd) or taking pics of myself so that idea was a no-go.  I still want to share things about fashion but it won’t be my focus.


I’ve always fully embraced the world of travel so no problems there.  Look out for posts about all things travel.


I enjoy eating and drinking wine (seriously, who doesn’t), but I cook only because it’s cheaper and healthier than eating out.  My friends will tell you the kitchen has always been my least favorite room in the house but the dinner table is my bff.

Growing up in Louisiana I would watch my mom cook all the time but it wasn’t MY thing.  When I first moved away from home my regular meal was baked chicken breasts atop a salad or just by itself.  I didn’t have salt or pepper in the house but I had to have my Tony Chachere’s.

Even after I’ve said all that I have to admit 

I enjoy watching cooking videos.  I also like cooking or baking what I see and sitting back in awe that “I did that”.  I thoroughly enjoy and am completely terrified (in a good way) of the feeling of the first slice into a cake and wondering if it will look like the picture.  I love the feeling of watching my friends take the first bite of my dish and waiting for them to nod their heads and say, “it’s good”.  I also look forward to them telling me what could be done differently so I can trash the recipe.  Going back to a recipe that was a failure is not something I’ll be doing.  I prefer to move forward.

With that said, if I can do it you can too. #IfICanDoItYouCanToo.  I get a kick out of the Buzzfeed Tasty videos so that’s where I’m starting.  This is my first recipe.

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