Homemade Watermelon Juice

Homemade Watermelon JuiceI discovered watermelon juice at a kiosk in the mall.   There was a company that sold cold-pressed watermelon juice.  It was a 16 oz container for $9.   It included more ingredients than watermelon but that’s the one that caught my eye.

After that I went on a search for watermelon juice.   I found two options:  Wtrmln Wtr and Tsamma Watermelon Juice.

I have to say, I like them both.  Is there a difference in taste?  Yes, but only a small difference.

At Publix, Wtrmln Wtr costs $3.99 and Tsamma is $2.99.

I usually buy it when Publix has a BOGO free sale.   Yes, this is much less than the first one I saw for $9 but it’s still a bit much (IMO) for a 12 oz (1 serving) bottle of juice.

How I use it

Before a 5am workout I used to drink 1/2 Gatorade G2.   But, after reading the bottle of watermelon juice I realized this would be a better option for me.

I felt a big difference after the first time I swapped the G2 for the watermelon juice.  I felt more refreshed when I drank the latter.

Of course, you can drink it anytime.   I drink it before heading to Orange Theory Fitness or to the gym at my condo for a workout.   I drink half of a 12 oz bottle before and half after.

At 3 to 4 times a week this could get a bit expensive so I decided to figure out a way to cut the cost.

Benefits of Wtrmln Wtr according to the company websiteWtrmln Wtr is loaded with 550 mg of naturally occurring potassium (a key electrolyte) which is amazing for your workouts!   The watermelon fruit also contains tons of L-citrulline, an amino acid, and lycopene, a carotenoid phytonutrient  that’s been thought to be pretty damn important for your cardiovascular health (not to mention bone health).  Basically, the concentrations of potassium (550 mg) , L-citrulline (520 mg), lycopene (9.5 mg), and vitamin C that exist in the wonderful and insanely under appreciated watermelon are really really good for you.

Benefits of Tsamma Juice according to the company website:  Recognized by athletes for rapid hydration and excellent recovery benefits. Every bottle of Tsamma watermelon juice contains high levels of Potassium, Lycopene and L-Citrulline, making Tsamma the perfect athletic recovery beverage and for those looking to hydrate naturally.

Whether you’re an athlete or still working on that New Year’s Resolution,  getting the most out of each workout and achieving fitness goals is much easier  when you recover quickly after exercise.

What’s in the bottle?

Wtrmln Wtr ingredients: Watermelon flesh, watermelon rind, & organic lemon

Homemade Watermelon Water/Juice

Tsamma Juice ingredients: watermelon juice, malic acid, natural flavors

Homemade Watermelon Water/Juice

I bought a watermelon and decided to blend it up  

Homemade Watermelon Water/Juice

I blended 1/4 watermelon at a time.  If you let the watermelon sit in the blender the juice and the pulp will separate.    However, if you do this you’ll have one bottle with more pulp.   Instead of waiting just pour watermelon juice into your bottle immediately.   This way you end up with a more even amount of pulp in each bottle.

BTW the pulp is good

f you aren’t a pulp lover, try it first.   Don’t compare it to orange juice pulp.   It literally just dissolves in your mouth.

This is what I came up with

Large watermelon:  13 lbs

Purchased from: Aldi

Price:  $4.99

Blender:  Ninja

1/4 watermelon=24-26 ounces of watermelon juice=2-12 oz bottles (and a little extra to taste)

Whole watermelon=96-104 ounces of watermelon juice=8-12 oz bottles (a little more to taste)

Homemade Watermelon Water/Juice

The math

Remember one bottle of Wtrmln Wtr costs $3.99 and Tsamma Juice is $2.99.  The whole watermelon only cost me $4.99 and that one large piece of fruit yields 8 bottles.

8 bottles of Wtrmln Wtr/Tsamma Juice=$24-$32

If it’s BOGO free=$12-$16


What about the lemon or malic acid?

I’m just not adding it.

According to WebMD: People take malic acid by mouth for tiredness and fibromyalgia.  In foods, malic acid is used as a flavoring agent to give food a tart taste.

So yes, I’m sure it would help when working out since it’s supposed to be good for tiredness.


I’ll only keep this in the fridge for 5 days.   Please note:  This is my personal opinion and it is not based on anything I’ve read or know.

Is it worth the effort?

It didn’t take much effort at all.  I need to go to the grocery store.   The effort to slice the watermelon is minimal and the same is true for pressing the button to blend it up.

I’m not sure if I will keep it up but it’s definitely a good option while watermelon is plentiful.

What about summer/graduation parties?

Homemade Watermelon Water/Juice

If you’re planning a graduation party right now and you need something refreshing, give it a go.   This is a much cheaper option than buying the pre-made bottles.   A lot of people have outdoor graduation parties not to mention summer luau’s and even back-to-school festivities.   If you live in a warm climate, this watermelon juice is a nice treat that will cool everyone off.

It’s also surprising!   Who would think you’re handing them watermelon as they enter the party?   It’s definitely an unexpected treat!

Or, what about serving the kids actual pieces of watermelon and the adults a watermelon martini?  Use watermelon juice, add some rum, vodka or gin (I don’t recommend tequila because not everyone can handle it) and a little lemon juice, shake it up and keep pouring.  Only if necessary, add a simple syrup.

Let me know if you decide to test this out!  I’d love to hear from you.

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