Hawaiian Cheesecake Big Bites

Hawaiian Cheesecake

I wanted to LOVE this recipe of Hawaiian Cheesecake because after all, I was making them in honor of Lei Day.  Yes, I know it’s not exactly the same but you get the picture, right?

I didn’t LOVE the recipe but I think with a few changes I would absolutely make it again.   The recipe is described as “decadent” and that it is!  This recipe is extremely sweet.  I’ll get to the things I would change to fit my own personal tastes.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s good if you like sweet stuff but I’m the chick that drinks unsweet tea and thinks Starbucks Classic Syrup in my coffee is too much.   Based on that assessment, you be the judge of whether you’ll make it as is or change it up for your tastes.

Note:  This is not my own.  I found it here on Pinterest.

The crust

Hawaiian Cheesecake


The cheesecake

Hawaiian Cheesecake
One without coconut because there’s always one person that’s not a fan!

This is what did not work for me

I like the fact that nuts are used for the crust but not the flour and amount of sugar. I talked to a friend (she loves to bake) about this recipe and she told me the flour is what made the crust more crunchy.  I’m not a cook or a baker so I didn’t realize that’s why I couldn’t cut the crust with a fork.

What about graham cracker and you could nix the sugar altogether?   There’s something to say about the basic things.  I’m also personally a fan of pretzels as a crust as well.  Again, with the pretzels you could get rid of so much sugar.  If I use pretzels I usually only include a couple tablespoons of sugar and definitely not 3/4 cup.   Take your pick!

I believe the other thing that added to the sweetness of the recipe are the sweetened coconut flakes (obvi) along with even more sugar in the cheesecake.  Yes, this is a “Hawaiian” themed dessert so the pineapples should be used so no complaint about those.

Hawaiian Cheesecake

What I did differently

Only one thing!  I didn’t have a mini pan so I made them mega instead.   In addition to that, I’m not a fan of mini’s because they take so much more time to make IMO.  I first bought this muffin pan to make the Mimi’s Cafe Buttermilk Spice Muffins.

After all that I have to say

The big bites are beautiful!   I was proud of the way it turned out visually.  If you’ve made this before, tell me what you think.  This recipe is a good idea for Hawaiian themed summer or graduation parties.

Hawaiian Cheesecake

Be sure to pin it so you’ll have everything you need when you decide to try a Hawaiian Cheesecake Big Bites!

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