Florida Wine Tour: Formosa Winery

Florida Wine Tour: Formosa Winery

The next stop on the Florida wine tour is Formosa Winery.   I really thought I’d visit the main location of Island Grove Wine Company in Hawthorne, FL before I came here but an impromptu visit to the Orlando area pulled me to Formosa like a magnet.

I went pretty early in the day, as in 10 am.  They open at 10 am and it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere so I’m not of the opinion that it was “too early” to drink.

Island Grove Wine Company focuses on fruit wines.   Even though I wanted to visit this location I really wanted to save the true tasting of Island Grove wines for when I visit the winery in Hawthorne.

I tried two wines:

When you visit, you have the option to do a full tasting of 5-6 wines for $14 and it comes with a tasting glass.

Crisp Green Apple is described in the winemaker notes as:  “Clean & refreshing blend of Gewurztraminer and the light, fruity flavors of harvest fresh green apples”.

My take:  Refreshing apple juice!  This is a two-headed coin in my book.  The non-alcoholic taste makes you want to keep sipping.  Also, the non-alcoholic taste makes you want to keep sipping….therefore the alcohol aspect of it will indeed creep up on you.

Southern Strawberry is described by the winemaker as:  “Tangy, light and refreshing Riesling blended with seductively sweet strawberries”.

My take:  The Riesling totally changes the composition of the strawberry.  I’ve told you how much I love strawberries, it’s my favorite fruit.  It makes me think of a strawberry that is a deep red color and on the softer side.  This is very different than the strawberry wine I told you about at Royal Manor Vineyard and Winery.

A little more about Formosa:

Formosa Winery boasts a bistro, retail shop, bar with Island Grove wines in addition to wines from around the world and craft beer.  Not only that, you can also have your next event at Formosa like a wedding, anniversary or company meeting.

The bistro, Blue Grove Baking Company offers a variety of options including soup, flatbreads, cheese, salads and sandwiches.

An employee told me Formosa grows fruit, vegetables and herbs to use in their bistro.   Apparently they also have a beehive.  Odd, right?  She said it’s their way of doing good by the environment.

As you can see, Formosa is just adorable!

Florida Wine Tour: Formosa Winery

Formosa Winery is located off Highway 192 in Kissimmee, FL.  This is very much so a tourist area.   Highway 192 has lots of cheesy gift shops with everything you’ll likely buy as a souvenir.

Florida Wine Tour: Formosa Winery

Wines range between $12.50 and $24.50.

Even though you may be on a kid-focused vacation don’t think you can’t bring the kids.  The employee I spoke to says they make sure to include them by showing them the beehive, educating them about Formosa’s sustainability.  There are other options for them as well including  a game of checkers.

As of my visit, they don’t do tours but they hope to have this up and running soon.   However, there is a video you can watch to give you a better idea of how their wine is made.

My final take:   

I need to visit again and spend more time here.

This gem is a break from Mickey/Minnie, Shamu, Thing 1/Thing 2….I could go on and on with this but I’m sure you understand.

Check out the rest of the wineries I’ve visited on my Florida wine tour.  Formosa is definitely a favorite.

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