Chili’s Paradise Pie, Recipe Review (Updated)

chocolate chip paradise pie

UPDATE:  November 17, 2020

The recipe is NOT listed to avoid copyright infringement.  This is only a review of the recipe.

UPDATE:  January 30, 2019

Guess what?!?  It’s back!   The dessert I’ve loved for years is back on the menu at Chili’s.   Instead of the Chocolate Chip Paradise Pie, it’s now the Paradise Pie.  I’m not sure when it returned to the menu.   A friend alerted me of the menu update.   She also says it tastes the same.   I’m so glad it’s back.   I honestly haven’t been to Chili’s in more than a year but I’ll definitely be visiting soon.   I’ll let you know if my taste buds are in agreement with my friend.   In the meantime, why not try this recipe.  It’s a good one!

The Chili’s Chocolate Chip Paradise Pie hasn’t been on the Chili’s Grill & Bar menu in years.   I got sad when it went away because this is a dessert I used to love.   My friend Christina and I used to go to Chili’s just to eat this dessert.   When I first moved away from home after college we would go every time I visited because it reminded us of the “good ol’ days”.

When I saw that this recipe was one of Todd Wilbur’s restaurant hacks, I knew I had to try it for my hack series.  I’m so glad I did.

This is my favorite!   I knew I wanted to end the series on a good note and I don’t think I could’ve picked a better recipe.   If you remember and love the Chili’s Chocolate Paradise Pie then you have to try this recipe.   It will remind you of sitting in a booth at Chili’s staring the server down as they brought the dessert sizzling in cast iron skillet.   Who remembers when they stopped serving it in a cast iron skillet?  *raises both hands*


This is the recipe taken from directly from the Top Secret Recipes website.

Cookie Layer

Crust Layer

How to layer the “pie”

I used these walnuts from Trader Joe’s.

Chili's Chocolate Chip Paradise Pie


I’m not sure who put this recipe on Todd Wilbur’s website but they omitted the butter you use in the cookie dough.   I had to search the internet to figure out what the recipe was talking about when it said “beat together the butter and sugar with an electric mixer”.

I wasted 10 minutes reading and re-reading and reading again and again and again (you get the point) the recipe to make sure I didn’t miss something.  I didn’t!   Butter is just not listed.  However, I listed it in the recipe above.  It’s listed in bold because it’s not part of the recipe on Todd Wilbur’s website.   It may be listed in the book itself.

Changes I made:

  1. I don’t have 9×9-inch dish.   I have an 8×8-inch dish so that’s what I used.
  2. I did not use caramel syrup.  I didn’t have any in my fridge or pantry and I didn’t think it was absolutely necessary to purchase.
  3. I did not use this cinnamon butter recipe.   I make my own cinnamon butter and it’s similar but not exactly the same as the recipe shows here.  My cinnamon butter is a stick of softened butter, about a 1/4 cup of brown sugar (estimate because I don’t actually measure it) and lots of cinnamon.   I usually roll the cinnamon butter into a log but I just decided to put it inside an old butter tub and that’s what you see here. Chili's Chocolate Chip Paradise Pie
  4. I also don’t own a cast-iron skillet so I just used the smallest skillet I have.


You should make this recipe.  If you remember the Chili’s Chocolate Chip Paradise Pie and were upset as I was when they got rid of it, then do yourself a favor and put this recipe to good use.

Chili's Chocolate Chip Paradise Pie

This ends my hack series.  It was fun!   Give me another idea for a recipe series.


  1. Genelle

    I loved (past tense) the Paradise Pie. I had my first one – skillet style – in a Chili’s in Jakarta, Indonesia back in 1998. When then discontinued the pie, here in the US, I stopped going to Chili’s. I was so excited to hear that it was back. I rushed back to try it and was immensely disappointed. It wasn’t the same. Both the flavor and consistency has changed. I tried it again last week, hoping that my first one was just a bad egg. Nope. It is not the same. They cheaped out on the ingredients and it evident.

    Thanks for the recipe. I’ll be making it myself now.

    1. themorganmemo_n13pb6

      Sorry for the late reply. Please let me know what you think when you make it yourself. I still haven’t tried the new version but I plan to.


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