Buffalo Wild Wings Asian Zing Sauce, Recipe Review

Buffalo Wild Wings Asian Zing Sauce

UPDATE:  November 17, 2020

The recipe is NOT listed to avoid copyright infringement.  This is only a review of the recipe.

This is a good one!  This hack of Buffalo Wild Wings Asian Zing Sauce is on-point.   If you like the sauce you should definitely try this recipe at home.

This recipe was copied from Top Secret Restaurant Recipes 3 by Todd Wilbur

My issues

This isn’t really an issue with the recipe itself but you may run into this at the grocery store.  It was a  little difficult to find the chili garlic sauce.  Finding the sauce is definitely not impossible, I just needed to go to the right place in my grocery store.  The sambal is not on the aisle with the rest of the sauces/condiments, it’s in the ethnic foods section.   I feel like chili garlic sauce is common these days.  I would compare it to sriracha, which is readily available in the regular sauce section so I didn’t expect the runaround.

Buffalo Wild Wings Asian Zing Sauce

I used the sauce like I would a buffalo wing sauce but that wasn’t really the best idea.  I put it on cauliflower because I’ve made buffalo cauliflower in the past.   My thought was that since they use it at Buffalo Wild Wings it would be just fine.   Actually, no!   If you don’t plan to use it on something that’s breaded or fried, use it as a dipping sauce.

The Top Secret Recipes 3 book gives you that suggestion but I just had to be different.   Hahahaha!   It says, “Now you’ve got a quick dip for eggrolls, wontons, and spring rolls.  Cook up some wings, nuggets, or breaded tenders and toss ’em in the gooey goodness until well coated, then serve hot”.

Take the suggestion!   The cauliflower didn’t turn out terrible but it would’ve been much better if I had just followed the suggestion.

What’s your favorite buffalo wing sauce?


  1. Jessica

    So excited to try this!!! I have one of Todd Wilbur’s books and love everything I’ve tried so far. 🙂 On a side note, THANK YOU for giving just the recipe! Most blogs do recipe posts by telling their whole life story before getting to what I want–the recipe! 😉 This is refreshing. Keep up the good work!!

    1. themorganmemo_n13pb6

      Haha yes I totally understand that feeling. I hope you enjoyed it when you made it.


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