Buffalo Chicken Crescent Roll

Buffalo Chicken Crescent Roll

I had a totally different thought for today’s recipe but it just didn’t work out.  But seriously who doesn’t love buffalo chicken wings?   This isn’t buffalo chicken wings but it has buffalo chicken in it.

Has that ever happened to you? You have one thought for a recipe but then you end up making something else? Then I thought, why not do something else buffalo?  I love all things spicy so this thought should have been simple and more immediate.  But I digress….

Does an original idea even exist?

I got this thought from several other recipes I’ve seen including some on Tasty as well as Pillsbury.  I believe the recipe on Tasty involved nutella or something sweet, I just can’t find the recipe again.  The recipe on Pillsbury was more savory and it had an Italian twist.

This is the week of Super Bowl recipes so another buffalo recipe is a must.  You have to try the Buffalo Cauliflower.  I don’t think I’ll ever look at cauliflower the same again.

This buffalo chicken crescent roll is very simple.  I used 4 baked seasoned chicken tenders.  Avoid seasoning with salt because buffalo sauce is salty enough in my opinion.  Add cheese and your favorite wing sauce and you are good to go!


Be careful with the crescent rolls.  They tear easily.

Buffalo Chicken Crescent Roll

Recipe inspired by Pillsbury and Tasty.

Of course you need pics

Buffalo Chicken Crescent Roll


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