I’m a Louisiana lady living the dream in Jacksonville, FL.  I tend to be the silent type (odd for someone that talks for a living) so for some reason people are interested in what I’m thinking.   I’m still trying to figure out why but who am I to judge?!?

I’ve been in radio for more than a decade.  I’ve worked for  news/talk and music stations.  Radio has been in my dreams for as long as I can remember.

My thoughts are at times odd and for some offensive, but I’ll always be honest.

While I was thinking about what I should blog about (because I love to write) a friend suggested all the things I rant and rave about would be a good idea.  It was the only thing that resonated with me.

Why not write about my opinions?  Isn’t that what blogging is about anyway?

I love coffee (like seriously I really love it and it has to be iced because I just don’t get the hot stuff), shopping (shoes are my weakness and I the funny thing is I never wear them), food (I’m from Louisiana so you get it, right?) and traveling (I was this close to becoming a flight attendant), i.e. Julie’s etc.

If you love coffee, shopping, food and travel then you’ll feel right at home.

I’ll also talk about controversial topics….whether you agree with my thoughts or not let’s talk about it!

Welcome to my lifestyle blog.  It’s been a pleasure meeting you!

I’d love to have you back, follow me on Twitter/Instagram or subscribe.  Heck….Why not do all three!

See you soon!