Abita Beer Brewery Tour

Abita Beer Brewery Tour

Growing up in Louisiana, I knew about Abita Beer.   I thought it was interesting that a brewery was in Louisiana but it wasn’t until I left the state that I realized how much of a trailblazer Abita really is.

Abita was founded in 1986.   Think about that and then compare it to some of the micro-breweries you’ve heard about.  No shade to the other breweries, I’m just a Louisiana girl touting what’s become a Louisiana landmark.

Living in Jacksonville, there are a lot of micro-breweries and it seems like more are popping up.  One of my favorite things to do is to go to a brewery and get a flight.  (Honestly, brewery or winery, it doesn’t matter to me.)  I prefer lagers, fruit beers or shandy’s even though you usually get everything from a lager to a stout in a flight.   I’ll try just about anything once so I don’t mind.

I recently went home to Louisiana for a fairly quick trip and I decided to stop by the Abita Brewery to take a tour.

I had to take a self-guided tour due to time constraints but with with either guided or self-guided you end up exactly where you want to be, the bar AKA tap room!  Hahahaha!

Abita Beer Brewery Tour

When you walk in, you’re walking into the gift shop.   If you love Abita, they’ve got the swag so you can show everyone how you feel about the brand.

Abita Beer Brewery Tour

The tour takes place on the second floor.   It’s simple and very much like other tours.   Listen to a short video, take a look at what’s brewing in the tanks and then it’s back downstairs to test what you just learned about.

Best. Adult. Root. Beer. Ever!

Who doesn’t love a good root beer float?   There’s still a Frostop in downtown Baton Rouge  that brings back the best memories every time I pass by when I’m home.   I’ve also made myself plenty adult root beer floats using Not Your Father’s Root Beer as well as Best Damn Root Beer.   Before trying Bayou Bootlegger by Abita I preferred Not Your Father’s Root Beer.    After trying Bayou Bootlegger, my mind has changed.    Not Your Father’s Root Beer and Best Damn Root Beer tastes like root beer with alcohol added.   Bayou Bootlegger tastes like good old-fashioned root beer and it just so happens to have alcohol.   You get the difference?

The problem

I can’t get Bayou Bootlegger in Jacksonville.    I’ll have to drive home next time and pick up a case.  #firstworldproblems

Here’s what else I tried

Abita Beer Brewery Tour

Bayou Bootlegger:  The aroma of the root beer hits you immediately.   The alcohol content is 5.9 percent but you’d never know it.

Creole Cream Ale:   Seasonal.  Very difficult to describe the taste but if you like a light beer this is a good one.   It’s made with red rice from LSU.   My bartender says they don’t normally use rice in their beer.

Abita Beer Brewery Tour

Strawberry Harvest Lager:   Mmmmmm….strawberry at first sip  (Y’all know strawberry is my favorite fruit, right?)

Watermelon Lemon Shandy (labeled water above):   Tastes a bit like Bubbalicious to me.   More lemon notes than watermelon, good summer beer and I’ve been on a watermelon kick lately.

Maison Blanc: This brew is made with Sauvignon Blanc grapes.   The taste is very light and was made for the 300th anniversary of New Orleans.  It’s a good one!   If you decide to visit the brewery be sure to try it because my bartender says it’s only here for a limited time and it’s a Louisiana exclusive.

Did you know?  Amber was the first Abita beer brewed and it’s their “leading seller”.   

Who should do the tour?

Anyone of course!   If you plan on visiting Louisiana for a New Orleans Saints game, it’s less than a hour away.   If Louisiana State University or Southern University is your football game destination, it took me only 1:15 to get to Covington, LA and it wasn’t a boring drive.

Either way, Abita Brewery is worth the visit!

You can also rent the area for private events.  I can imagine a family reunion or wedding shower here.   Cute!

If you like breweries check out the Florida wineries I’ve visited.   I’m on a state-wide tour and my next stop is central Florida.  Can’t wait to take you along!

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