3 Reasons Why I Love My Cooper’s Hawk Membership

Wine is rather new for me.  If someone said they were into wine I would say, “really” as if it were something they were dragged into doing.  Don’t get me wrong, I always enjoyed a spirit or two so I’m not against alcohol.

One day a dear friend took me to Cooper’s Hawk.  It was a Saturday before noon no less!  She asked if I had ever heard of it and I told her yes but it wasn’t something I ever thought to try.  Before Cooper’s Hawk she used to visit a place that has since gone out of business, Ovinte.  Yes, she and her hubs love wine.  She was so sweet to share her wine tasting with me.  (I’ll get to the membership levels later.)    We sipped 8 different wines and then had lunch.  It was the best Saturday I’d had in a long time.

Before I got my flatbread for lunch I had already asked the server to bring me a form to sign-up for my very own Cooper’s Hawk membership.

Yes, I was hooked and here’s why:

  1.  I get to learn about wine:  I’ve always enjoyed the taste of a very dry wine but it never occurred to me to order one when I went to dinner.  I remember my first sip of wine was one day while visiting my dad.  He had a cup of something red and I asked if I could taste it and he agreed.  He wasn’t expecting me to say I liked it, but I did.  However, since I’m a girl from the area where daiquiris are both famous and infamous, wine really wasn’t a draw for me.  Put a TKO, White Russian or the most basic strawberry ice blended drink in front of me and I’ll down it like no other.  This membership makes me broaden my horizons and I’m enjoying the stretch.  One thing I learn about is how to pair wine with food.  This Cooper’s Hawk Twice Oaked Chardonnay was the Wine of the Month for September.  The notes said to pair it with grilled shrimp or a lobster dish.  I figured since my sushi has shrimp in it, I’m good.  Hahaha!  I could be missing the mark here but it was a Friday night after a long week so I didn’t mind at all.
    Shrimp tempura, Mount Fuji Roll, Coopers Hawk Twice Oaked Chardonnay


  2. It’s a great date night: If you struggle to find something to do because stepping outside the box just isn’t your thing, then maybe a wine club membership is right for you.  When I go I see many couples sipping the day/evening away enjoying each other’s company.  I hear the stories of ladies saying they can’t get their mates out of the house unless they have a Cooper’s Hawk evening planned.  I hear the mates nod in agreement because their mouths are full of Cooper’s Hawk White, Lineage, Almond Sparkling, Barbera or whatever else is on the 8 wines tasting menu.  Sounds like a win-win to me!
  3. It creates built-in plans for the introvert in me:  Believe it or not, I’m an introvert.  I can sit at my computer and write all day long or in the studio and voice spots until my heart’s content.  However, there’s a part of me that enjoys being out and about with people because it drives the creativity needed to write that article or voice that spot.  Another plus, if you go alone and you are a two-bottle member you can get a double pour so you don’t have to share.  Also, you may meet someone.  I’ve met a few people I text about other wines as well as when they plan to go for their tasting so we can meet-up again.

Here’s the skinny on the Cooper’s Hawk Wine Club:

  1. There are five memberships to choose from:   Variety, Red, White, Sweet & Gift.  Beyond that you can choose to receive 1 or 2 bottles of wine each month.  I have the 2 bottle variety membership which comes with two 8 wine tastings every month.  You can do the variety tasting or the sweet tasting.  There’s also a lux tasting but you get hit with the upcharge for that one.
  2. You can add someone else to your membership.  I actually thought that was the best part of the membership because how many places allow you to do something like this AND reward that person as well when a special day comes around?  Not many!
  3. You collect points when you eat at Cooper’s Hawk.  I’m an appetizer kinda girl so I love the Mexican-Drunken Shrimp and Calamari.  I also really enjoy the flat-breads.  The only one I haven’t tried is the one with steak.  I don’t eat red meat so I can’t vouch for that one.
  4.  In July or August, you get a “thank you” gift from the company based on your membership.  In addition, you get a gift for your birthday and anniversary.  The extra person (see number 2) on your membership also gets a birthday gift.
  5. October is Cooper’s Hawk’s anniversary month.  You get a lux wine that month.  In 2017 members got a magnum bottle of wine.  Wowza!  (In a regular month you can only get one lux for your 2 bottles or just 2 regular bottles).
  6. You get points for purchases:  If you decide to purchase an extra bottle of wine or eat in the restaurant you get points for that!  For every 350 points you get a $25 reward.   It’s always nice when they have double/triple point days to help you get to that number even faster.
  7. Speaking of that extra bottle of vino, you get at least 10% off your purchase of extra bottles.  This works perfectly especially when the wine of the month is particularly pleasing to your palette.  For example:  I’ve been kicking myself for not buying an extra case (yes, I said case) of Lineage.  Lineage was the perfect blend of reds.
  8. Wine club events:  Based on my crazy schedule I have yet to go to one of these but I hear they are fantastic!  There’s an event on Tuesday of every month where they pair food with wine.  This month’s event is Mardi Gras themed.

I know Coopers Hawk isn’t in every city/state but there are tons of other options out there for wine clubs.  Also, Cooper’s Hawk ships wine too!  Do you have a wine club membership somewhere?  If so, where and what do you like about it?

FYI:  I was not paid for this post.  I just love my membership.

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